Blue Rock Kennel

We have four dogs of our own that you will see around the kennel and are the welcoming crew. They are a 9 year old female Great Dane named Roxy, a Shih-tzu female named Chloe she is 7 years old, a 6 year old Rottweiler male named Colton and a 4 year old Border Collie/ Jack Russell mix named Rhyder. They help us with the tasks of the day and also welcome in new clients with wagging tails and kisses. We are all about positive experiences for your dogs so when they are here they well get as much socialization as possible. That's why all dogs that come to our kennel need to be vaccinated!


We like dogs that come here to have a well around experience and be dog  friendly so the more they run and play with other dogs the more balanced they are in their daily lives.

We are dog people and love to care and nurture all dog sizes and shapes. We do not discourage by size or breed!!!