Blue Rock Kennel


We offer boarding and daycare for your pet. 1 dog is 20.00 a day, 2 dogs in one kennel is 25.00 a day. More than 2 dogs CALL FOR PRICES. We do not put more than 2 BIG dogs in one kennel. All dogs that go together must be in the same family. We only board dogs at the current time. We do not discriminate against size or breed.


All dogs MUST be vaccinated! We do not take animals that are not vaccinated. Rabies, DHLP (DHPP) (this is a combination shot that contains distemper, parvo and a few other vaccines), Bordetella, and Lyme.  Please bring an updated shot records each time they get new shots.  

Spayed and Neutered animals are not a requirement but please let us know if you dog is not so we can care for them accordingly.

There is no extra charges for administering medications.

Please bring their food with them. Labeled with their name on it and feeding instructions.

Puppies under a year of age need to come with puppy food, we do not want them getting upset tummies while they are here.

Toys, treats, easily washable sheets or towels are also excepted. No comforters or huge doggie beds please they are hard to wash.

We do let groups of dogs out for "playtime" to help work on socialization. If you don't feel comfortable or think this would not be good for your dog. Please specify that at drop off time.

    • Contact Information
      • Monday through Friday - 8am to 6pm
      • Saturday - Closed
      • Sunday - 11am to 5pm
    • Address
      • Blue Rock Kennel
      • 870 Smynra Landing Rd
      • Smynra, DE 19977